31 Geeky Things Around the House

Geek goal for May

31 Geeky Things Around the House

For some reason I decided that I need to carry out a random, geek related, goal each month. I wanted to start off with something I thought might be fun, and easy. As long as my attention span is up to it.

As I was kicking around ideas I remembered a YouTube video that we meant to do a couple years back, but never got around to, “51 Geeky Things in my House”. At first I was thinking maybe we could finally do that, just for the fun of it. But then I was thinking about how I like to take pictures. Even if they are really lame.

Somehow those two things combined in my mind to give me my goal for the month of May. Which is to take one picture a day of something geeky from around my house. There’s a lot to choose from, which might actually make this more difficult (Where do I start?!). I decided to use instagram so I can have it out there immediately, sending it to twitter & facebook at the same time. Feel free to join in on the geekiness, it doesn’t have to be limited to stuff around your house, it could be something cool you see when you’re out and about. No special hashtag, I’ll simply be using #GeekyThings

All the images can be found in our facebook album: 31 Geeky Things Around the House

I still want to do the YouTube video I mentioned, maybe I can make that a goal for another time?

The image at the top of the page is of a couple of things we have in our computer room. World of Warcraft figures; Thrall and Alathena Moonbreeze, along with a chest (full of dice). Only a few of the geeky things around the house.

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