A Very Doctor Who Christmas

A Very Doctor Who Christmas

Once again, it’s that time of year…The time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This year will be a bit sad, as we are losing the 11th incarnation. But also a bit exciting, because of the arrival of the newest incarnation.

So for the Holiday, and in honor of Doctor Who Christmas specials, I thought I would put out a simple post of a few photos from the specials of years past.

dw xmas7

Tennant’s first adventure as The Doctor.

dw xmas3

Reindeer pulled TARDIS…Sure. Why not?

dw xmas2

Hmm. He might be a bit confused about what a proper sled is, and what pulls it.

dw xmas8

Traveling through a blue box to another world. Yep. I would totally do that.

dw xmas1

I want that snow globe. Seriously.

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