The Absence – Graphic Novel

The Absence – Graphic Novel

Last week Titan Comics released The Absence, written and illustrated by Martin Stiff.

The Absence is about a man returning home from WWII, you’d think he would be welcomed back as a war hero, but this town isn’t very accepting of him. There are mysteries, secrets, and whispers of Marwood Clay being a monster, and to look at him these days, he certainly does look the part of one.

the absence cover

Marwood Clay has some mysteries surrounding himself, like the buried memories of horrifying experiences that he can’t remember. Then soon after Clay returns home a young boy goes missing, and there have been other mysterious disappearances. What is happening in this odd little town, and is Clay responsible?

The Absence is a dark, chilling, tale that is filled with mystery, likable characters, and even a bit of unexpected humor. I found it hard to put down! Perfect for fans of subtle creepiness, and intriguing storytelling. It comes bound in a beautiful, thick, hardcover book that will look great on your bookshelf.

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