Addictions: Monthly Subscription Boxes

Addictions: Monthly Subscription Boxes

Hello everyone! My name is Lynn, and I’m addicted to subscription boxes. In my defense I have not subscribed to every box out there. Sometimes a box simply does not interest me, or it might be too expensive, or it may have received bad reviews from others. In those cases, I do not bother to sub.

I’m also in the habit of at least trying to get a discount on subscription boxes, so I’m not spending crazy money on them, and I cancel the subscription right away (usually).

Here is a brief overview of a few of the boxes that I have tried out, sadly only two of them are geek/nerd themed.

Loot Crate:

Loot Crate is for geeks & gamers, they recently sent us out a box for review, but we’ve also had subscriptions to them. I’m always doing unboxings on our YouTube channel, and usually a review of the items on the site.

There is always a theme for the month, sometimes it may include items you’re not a fan of, but that is the chance you take with subscription boxes. I figure you can always use the items you don’t like as gifts for someone you know who may like it. I love anytime there is a shirt, funko items, and mystery box figures!

The price of this box is $20 (with s/h). The boxes I’ve received (except one) have all been worth well over what I paid.

Subscribe to Loot Crate

loot crate titan

Nerd Block:

We just got our first Nerd Block, and it’s was pretty awesome. They are affiliated with ShirtPunch, so they include a t-shirt each month (the one we got actually had 2 shirts, I think that’s a first for them). And of course they have some other great things in their boxes, such as mystery figs, and more.

You will be getting a box with items valued more than what you pay. The items in our box came to a value of about $40+, but at $30 a month (with s/h) this box is simply outside of my budget.



Graze is a snack subscription box. You can tell them what kind of things you prefer, so your box is always customized to your liking, meaning you won’t get a snack that you hate.

This one was not worth the price. There are four small snacks in each box, and they were quite tasty. But I could get similar, if not the same, for far less money at stores nearby.

Graze is $6 a box.

graze snacks

Bulu Box:

They have the regular Bulu Box (which has samplings of “all health and nutrition products”), and Bulu Box Weight Loss (contains weight loss items such as vitamin and supplement samples). I picked the weight loss one.

I had a deal to get a three month subscription for 1/2 off, so I thought it would be a good chance to try it out. While some of the samples in the boxes were really nice, I was disappointed because they were no where near the value of the box (even with my half off discount). Granted, the last box I received was actually a good one, and worth over the value of the box. But overall my experience with them was so bad that I had no desire to continue with it.

The price of this box is $10 a month.


Conscious Box:

They have 3 different boxes to choose from; Classic, Vegan, Gluten Free (I went with ‘classic’). These boxes also come in different sizes, ‘Plus’ ($20 a month) & ‘Taster’ ($10 a month). I believe I had the ‘Taster’ size.

This box seemed lacking, but when I googled some of the items I discovered they were quite expensive. For example, I had a lip balm in my box that is valued at $12, and an energy drink that cost about $5.

con box

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