Alice Madness Returns Royal Suit Alice Figure Review

Visit Alice's dark & shattered Wonderland.

Alice Madness Returns Royal Suit Alice Figure Review

I saw Alice at the comic store on May 4 (Free Comic Book Day!) and I just had to have her, and I figured I’d review her since she has only small defaults, but I’ll jump at that last. First off, the detail is amazing, its nicely done and the skirt of the dress is not solid which I like, makes it easier to move her legs around. Her face is done really good, she has a bit of red under her eyes its pretty, and her eye color is really nice, very pretty. Her bow looks really good, it has gold hearts on it which matches the top front of her dress with the skull in the middle of course, and the bow is not solid so be careful with it.

Alice front and back

She comes with a stand with four peg area, or whatever its called, which I find neat so when you pose her shes not just standing strait and she comes with three of her weapons.


Vorpal Blade: The first weapon you get in the game. It has very nice details on it and the blood splat makes it look very nice, the knife will slide out of her had a bit easily tho, but don’t worry since its right in her hand in the packaging it stays in her hand due to the small clear rubber band.

Pepper Grinder: The second weapon you get in the game. It’s also nicely detailed and she can hold it pretty well, but can fall off her hand now and then.

Hobby Horse: Third weapon you get in the game ( if I remember right ). It’s nicely detailed but sadly does not have its colors like in the game, its head is heavy, which makes sense I guess.

Alice Weapons

Small Defaults:

Its not too bad, you can get past that its only two anyway. For one, her stand, only due to the fact that her ankles are kinda weak, which ends up at Alice either 1. moving backwards or 2. moving frontwards ether way ends up with her falling on her face, but if you have a stand that can hold a figure at its waist I suggest using that instead, holds her a lot better. Mainly if you plan on having her above your bed you don’t want her falling on your face. Now I kinda learned that the hard way, but lucky she fell on my pillow and not my face ^ ^”” The other default, if you read the weapons part, its the Hobby Horse weapon since its head is heavy she can only hold it upside down, but I found a way past this though I only did it about two times, so I can’t remember how I did it. But if you lean the end part of the weapon at her dress I think it kinda just rests itself on her leg, so if you don’t want her to hold it upside down then that’s how she can hold it kinda properly. I kinda wish they made her Teapot Cannon too, but oh well.

Bottom Line:

But all in all I love her to bits. Heck I was kinda hopping in place in excitement when I saw her, even though I don’t own the game, I do know about it. So if you collect figures, or you’re an Alice Madness Returns fan, I do suggests buying her and the other two Alice’s (which I’m sure the defaults are the same on them as well). She’s nicely done, even with the small defaults ^ ^ and if you’re really good at creating things you can make some kind of neat stand for her so it kinda looks like her fighting is coming right out of the game itself.

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