An idea I’ve had regarding the Kindle

Every once in a great while, I have something similar to a thought float about my head.

One thing that’s always bugged me about the Kindle was the price of the books themselves. They seem to be barely discounted off the price of paper books. That just doesn’t quite seem right to me.

Another thing, was that I’m one of those guys that likes to display a collection. I’ll always prefer to have a physical media copy, such as my Blu-ray collection, to have displayed on a shelf. Books that I really enjoy, I like to get in hardcover to have a really nice copy on my bookshelf.

These two things led to my (likely not so brilliant) idea.

What if Amazon started giving a free Kindle copy of a book if you buy the physical copy? How freaking awesome would that be?! They could even limit it to just hardcover editions.

This would be the perfect solution to me. You keep the people like me happy, because we still buy our displayable copy of the book, but can have it with us wherever we go in the Kindle. Publishers may also be happy, because as I recall they would prefer to sell good old dead trees rather than digital copies. Then again, they may prefer it as is, so if people really really want both, they have to pony up for it. Feel free to correct me on that point though.

So here’s the thing, there’s got to be a reason why this isn’t already being done. What is it? What am I missing that makes this an unattractive prospect for either Amazon or the publishers?


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