Anime Nostalgia

Anime Nostalgia

I’ve loved anime ever since I was about three years old, this post is basically about some of my memories centered around that.

The first anime I ever remember watching was Sailor Moon, after that I was hooked, and watched as much anime as I could. Of course a lot of what we got at that time (the 90s-early 2000s) was a bit watered down, and ‘Americanized’. That did annoy me, but I liked that anime was becoming more and more popular here in the states.

Recently Hulu started to stream Sailor Moon, so I decided to to browse the rest of what they had to offer for anime, I was surprised by how much they actually carry, and was happy to see so many ‘classic’ anime that brought back fond memories for me.

Sailor Moon – This will always be my favorite! I used to dress up as Sailor Moon for Halloween (before anyone knew who she was!), I had Sailor Moon themed birthday parties, a backpack for school, dolls, manga, DVDs, and all kinds of stuff. Basically, if it had Sailor Moon, or any of the senshi on it, I probably owned it. I loved that this was about girl heroes, even though the leader was a bit of a klutzy crybaby, in a way that made her easy to identify with!

sailor moon


Pokemon – Like many others of my generation, this is another favorite anime for me, from a young age. I remember the games selling out, and having to stand in a long line for a couple of hours just to see the movie. Of course I collected all kinds of figures, trading cards, and plushies…I still do! I want to collect them all! (BTW, Eevee is my favorite)

pokemon group


Inuyasha – I used to be obsessed with this anime! I had figures, plushies, manga, DVD special edition collections (usually came with swag of some sort), video games, apparel, and whatever else I could find. I still love it, and think it’s time for a rewatch. I loved the idea of being transported to another world, and having adventures!


Fruits Basket – I discovered this anime on a whim. My mom saw a box set that had the first volume of the manga, and the first volume of the DVD, she decided it sounded interesting and bought it. The anime was way too short lived, but it’s adorable, sweet, and funny! (I highly recommend reading the Fruits Basket manga too!)

fuits basket

There were many others I enjoyed, and still enjoy, these were just a few that were the most nostalgic for me.

What anime did you grow up loving?


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