App Review: BattleSuit Runner

App Review: BattleSuit Runner

BattleSuit Runner Fitness is an interactive story running fitness app. It’s part sci-fi game, part GPS fitness trainer, part choose your own adventure.

It’s that time of year again. You know, when I realize I need to get back in shape after slacking off. I’m always looking for apps to keep me motivated, and I especially like the story telling kind that combine with fitness. So when I heard about a sci-fi one I simply had to see what it was all about.

You’re called ‘DeltaSuit’ (a “BattleSuit runner”). You’ll have missions, and at various points in the story you’ll be asked to make a choice. You indicate to the app what you want to do by speeding up, or slowing down: “DeltaSuit, if you want to rescue the hostages, slow down for a few seconds. If you prefer to pursue the retreating hostiles instead, speed up for a few seconds…”

This is a great interactive story that will gamify your workout, and get you out and moving. It’s especially awesome if you’re a huge sci-fi fan (which I am). I grew up loving everything sci-fi, and mecha, so this has become my favorite fitness app.

The BattleSuit Runner app is only .99 in the Google Play store, and in the iTunes store.

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