Asian Food Grocer Haul – Japanese Snacks

We seem to be obsessed with Japanese snacks

Asian Food Grocer Haul – Japanese Snacks

We’ve been ordering from Asian Food Grocer for around 7 years, and have never been disappointed. I mostly order Japanese snacks, but on occasion I have ordered various seasonings, other food items, stationary, and rice bowls.

If you’re looking for Asian snacks, beverages, foods, breads (melon pan!), kitchenware, home & beauty items, and more, check out AFG. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. They have a lot of good deals, and if you spend $25-$50 you can get ground shipping for only $6.95.

Japanese Snacks from Asian Food Grocer

Our recent order of Japanese snacks includes: Kasugai Wafu Ame Mixed Candy (Flavors: Brown sugar, peanut brittle, salted plum, and green tea), Ramune Candy (in that little bottle thing), Mango Cream Soda, Calpis Ramune Candy 5-Pack, Melon Cream Soda, Kabaya Ichigo Shokora (Strawberry Chocolate), Meiji Galbo Mini Maccha, Hello Kitty Strawberry Chocolate Balls, Meiji Coffeebeat Chocolate.

I restrained myself and only bought 3 Coffeebeats, those are my favorite, and they’re very addicting. There’s a lot of Hello Kitty strawberry chocolate balls because they were on clearance for only 25 cents, and AFG put in 2 extra!

I’ll be posting some Japanese snack reviews on our recent haul of goodies, so keep an eye out for those!

And here’s a random video of me unboxing the snacks, just because.

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