Autumn Seasonal Themed Candy

Autumn Seasonal Themed Candy

You know we love our snacks, and candy. Mmm candy. And this is also my favorite time of year, Autumn! The season of Pumpkin everything, and other seasonal type treats.

Whenever I’m out shopping I have a habit of looking for anything labeled “pumpkin spice”, I also look for anything that says, “caramel apple”, or any other kind of seasonal flavor. It’s not just about my love for the season, or pumpkin spice everything, I’m drawn to the fact that I can only get these items for a short couple of months out of the entire year. So here’s a quick look at some of the things I found this year.

pumpkin spice kisses Pumpkin Spice Hershy’s Kisses – These are pumpkin spice melt in your mouth goodness.

pumpkin spice mms Pumpkin Spice m&m’s – They mostly tasted like regular m&ms, with maybe a hint of cinnamon (I think that was cinnamon?). They weren’t bad, just nothing special.

candy corn mms Candy Corn m&m’s – These m&m’s are white chocolate, and the crunchy candy shell is some sort of candy corn flavor. Ken and I both enjoyed these…Even though we hate candy corn.

candy corn starburst Candy Corn Starburst – These are fruit flavored, they are simply in the shape of candy corn, and have the same waxy texture. Everyone in the Awkward Geeks office loved these.

caramel apple milky way Caramel Apple Milky Way – Apple flavored nougat, and caramel filling with a chocolate coating. We all really enjoyed these, but I suspect they may not be for everyone.

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