Awkward Geeks: Vlogs & Let’s Play Videos

Awkward Geeks: Vlogs & Let’s Play Videos

We occasionally like to mention YouTube content creators, this time we’re mentioning our own YouTube channels. Unlike most stuff I mention in similar posts, we don’t do anything that takes actual talent (you really don’t want us to sing…). We just like to have some fun.

We’re hoping to work on our channels this year, improve our content, get a real format, and all that good stuff. We would certainly appreciate any feed back you might have. Let us know if there’s anything you want to see on our channels, even if it’s wanting us to eat something weird. Just not too weird…

Gaming/Let’s Play:

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Our new channel is for gaming/Let’s Play videos. Right now the only one over there is Ken, and so far the content includes Kerbal Space Program, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. New videos are usually on Tuesday & Thursday.

We eventually plan on adding more stuff on there, for example, I might bring you along on my first time playing Skyrim. Where I will undoubtedly die a lot, and fail miserably because I won’t read anything, and will just run around making mistakes until I eventually “get it”. It’s kind of my thing.


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Our main channel is mostly vlogging stuff, including “Geek Haul”, “Movie Night”, unboxings, and whatever else randomly pops into my head. Eventually, once I get the hang of some stuff, Ken and I will be doing a monthly vlog, possibly along the lines of geeking out over current nerd news, new releases, etc.

I started vlogging in an attempt to put myself outside of my comfort zone, and be more relaxed in front of the camera. It’s worked a little, but I have A LOT of improving to do. I also plan on working on making my vlogs better, with a solid outline, editing, and music.

I’ve befriended a couple of other vloggers on YouTube, and one of our friends recently started his own channel. Please check them out as well: Adorkability (news, reviews & geekly ramblings), Cariad (reviews, LEGO figs & more), and Devilishly Deviant (tech, TV, etc).

Here I am making fun of “Snowpocalypse 2014″…

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