Azeroth: Where Are All The Children?

Azeroth: Where Are All The Children?

This is what happens when I’m playing too much World of Warcraft, and reading too many Warcraft books. I start thinking about random things…

There seems to be a serious lack of children, and babies, in Azeroth. I recently decided to see if I could find some I may have over looked.

I’m focusing mainly on the capital cities, and start areas, of each race. Because you would think that’s where most of the kids would be. Right?


Stormwind has children everywhere; the orphanage, the brother & sister who run around teasing each other, the kid who sells the white kitten, group of kids with their teacher, two kids with their mom, a little girl inside Stormwind keep, a little girl in front of the barber shop, the creepy kids who head into Goldshire, the kid who works at a tailor shop, and possibly a few that I’m forgetting.

They have kids in other Human areas as well, like Goldshire, Eastvale logging camp, and after Cataclysm there are now a lot of orphan human kids in Westfall…Even hanging out in the Deadmines.

You get the idea. There are A LOT of human children.


The only kids in Orgrimmar seem to be in the orphanage. Except for that one kid who gives the balloon quest. I also remember seeing a couple of kids in one of the start areas, where a boy was being chased by bees.

Night Elves:

I’ve never seen a Night Elf child anywhere. You would think there should be some kids in their homeland, but there are none.

Blood Elves:

I’m surprised there are not more children roaming around for this race. There are at least two in the start area (hanging out with their dad and a couple of cats), but there doesn’t seem to be any in the other start areas.


At one time there were no Dwarf children around Ironforge. Until Cata, now there’s a baby in the Throne room. There is that one little Dwarf who sells the bunnies in Dun Morogh, but I’m going to assume she’s just a gnome sized Dwarf, because she has boobs. So there doesn’t seem to be any kids running around.


Another race where I have never seen any little ones running around. I want to see little troll kids, I think they would be adorable.


I have never seen any little gnomes running around…wait…I mean, gnomes are already little, so…well…crap. I have no idea.


No little ones, that I could find, for this race either, but like most races they do have orphan babies in far off places. But it’s not the same, I want to see little Tauren kids running around, dammit!


There is a little Draenei girl hanging out in Stormwind (balloon quest kid), and another one down near Olivia’s Pond (which has the same name as the girl). These Draenei kids being there seems odd to me for some reason. Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be any kids in the Draenei start areas.


I know I saw a couple of Goblin kids one time (a boy and a girl), but I can’t remember where. So I’m not sure if it was the start areas, or some random place. But either way, they don’t seem to actually have any kids.

Of course I don’t expect to see Undead children running around, because…duh. I also don’t expect to see Worgen kids (because they have a human form).


You can find various panda kids throughout Pandaria, and they’re pretty cute.

Shattrath Orphanage:


There are a lot of children in this Outland city. The Shattrath Orphanage has Blood Elf, Orc, Human, and Draenei children running around, and inside they have babies. The cribs are specialized to represent the baby inside of them. They have a few Orc, and Human babies, but they also have one each of; Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Tauren, and Troll babies.

There are more babies in the Outlands, in Nagrand, being taken care of by a troll named Challe. She has 3 Tauren, 3 Troll, a Night Elf, and an Orc. She also takes care of 3 older children; a Human, a Blood Elf, and an Orc.

In Conclusion:

Even though there are quiet a few Orc and Blood Elf kids at the Shattrath Orphanage, it’s pretty clear, between what I’ve seen in Stormwind, Westfall, and Shatt, that the only race that seems to have an abundance of children are the humans. So what’s up with the other races?

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