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You may have noticed no new posts for a fairly large span here. Well, Battlefield 3 arrived on October 25th, and I’ve been carefully studying every aspect…. aw hell I can’t say that with a straight face! I’ve been playing the crap out of this game! It’s fracking awesome and I love it!

I’ve played Battlefield all the way back to Battlefield 1942. I really played Battlefield 2 the most though. All the excitement, the amazingly large scale maps and combat, getting access to vehicles and aircraft, it was so much fun.

Battlefield 3 brings it all back and then some!


Now let me just get this out of the way, no one should buy Battlefield 3 for the singleplayer. It’s just not the point of a proper Battlefield game. And from what I’ve played of BF3’s singleplayer game, DICE really shouldn’t have wasted their time. It just seems, well almost boring. So much of what I’ve played consists of quick-time events, following a very very linear script, to the point where it feels like if you’re not standing in the exact right spot you’re gonna get killed. You have to follow the game’s script, or else.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice story based, linear game. Battlefield 3 just does it wrong.

But hey, I didn’t buy this game for singleplayer. I bought it so I could play that awesome multiplayer with my buddies. And on that, BF3 delivers.


Honestly, it’s back to Battlefield 2 type gameplay. The huge expansive maps. Tanks, choppers, jets, it’s perfect! This is the way Battlefield is supposed to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there are the smaller maps as well, and those are lots of fun too. But when I think Battlefield, I think about the Conquest game mode, with all the vehicles and 32 player teams, large epic battles. And it’s all here.

Bottom line, this is Battlefield, the way it’s supposed to be. Now stay out of my jet!


Uh…wow. Just wow. I knew there was a reason I just built a new machine. The graphics are just amazing looking. A lot of that is the lighting, there’s a lot of atmosphere that’s given to the experience by that.

Environments are superbly detailed, and that only gets better as the game goes on, seeing that a lot of that environment likes to be destroyed. Buildings crash down, cars explode, and you really have to think about whether that object you’re hiding behind is actually cover, or just concealment.

All the explosions, the smoke, there’s just such an atmosphere of realism to this game that’s amazing.

Best of all, where as I was getting around 40fps during the beta, I’m getting 100fps in the retail game. DICE must have done some serious optimizing between the two builds.

Final Musings

Get this game, just go, hop on Origin and get it. Now. Why are you still here? Oh, and hop on over to the TMBJ Maddness server once you have it, you may find me there. I go by the name Gornashk.

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