Book Review: Simon & Kirby Library: Horror

Book Review: Simon & Kirby Library: Horror

On March 4th TitanBooks will release The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror, and we recently got a chance to check it out!

As a child some of my favorite comics to read were horror, so I was very much looking forward to reading these classic tales of creepiness, and I tore through it pretty quickly.

This book is really stunning to look at, it’s big and colorful. Simply gorgeous. When you remove the bookcover you find a hard cover with a beautifully illustrated, wrap around image. Simon & Kirby: Horror would look great on the shelf of any comic book fan, and of course it’s a great addition for all Simon & Kirby fans.

Simon & Kirby Horror cover

The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror, is filled with tales of the supernatural, monsters, werewolves, demons, and all manners of creepiness. Simon & Kirby didn’t go about those stories in a typical manner, they had a flair for storytelling that was far above all others. Classic horror comics at their best!

Other great titles in the Simon & Kirby Library include; Superheroes, Science Fiction and Crime. Collect them all!

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