Caffeine Fix: Revivo Caffeinated Energy Chews

Caffeine Fix: Revivo Caffeinated Energy Chews

You know we are caffeine junkies, and are always looking for the next fix. We found one in chew form, thanks to Revivo for sending us out samples.

Like many people, I often find myself running out of fuel a few times a day, and am always looking for an energy boost. This time I found it in Revivo.

A serving is 4 chews, which is equal to a cup of coffee, one package equals 2 energy drinks. There are 3 different flavors; Fruit Punch, Orange, and Lemon. You get a slight hint of caffeine flavor, which is nicely covered up with the fruit flavor in the chew. My favorite one was probably orange, which I’m particularity fond of anyway. They definitely gave me the much needed energy I was looking for!

revivo energy chews

These are great for on the go, students away at collage, athletes, long gaming nights, and will be a welcome addition to the gear I pack when attending conventions.

Check to see if a store near you sells them, or purchase Revivo Energy Chews online.

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