Comic Preview: The Chronicles Of Legion Volume 2

Comic Preview: The Chronicles Of Legion Volume 2

Wednesday February 4th sees the release of The Chronicles of Legion Volume 2: The Three lives of Dracula – the second volume of the colossal, blood-steeped series by Fabien Nury!

The unholy trinity born of vampire blood is set for cataclysmic mutual annihilation as their time worn battle rages to a head…

Three lives, three incarnations of Vlad Tepes Dracula. The same blood flows in the veins of all three, the blood of Dracula. They will all be forced to take part in a fratricidal feud between Vlad and Radu: a battle that has lasted for centuries and has claimed countless lives.

South America, 1531. Doña Gabriella is surprised by her feelings for the bastard son of her future husband, the conquistador Hernan Torres.

Russia, January 1812. Captain Armand Malachi continues his search for a legendary treasure! But his followers might be getting more than they bargained for…

London, 1885. In the mansion of Lord Cavendish, Victor Thorpe faces a cruel dilemma: he stands as the only heir to Cavendish’s fortune, ready to inherit… on one condition: he must drink the cup of blood that stands before him…

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