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If you would like to be featured please feel free to get in touch with us for reviews, and/or giveaways. We have done a variety of reviews in entertainment media (books, games, music, etc), “geek” fashion (pop culture T-shirts), gadgets, subscription boxes, and snacks.

You will have a dedicated post, including links to your site, and social media. Your product will be featured across our social media platforms, and sometimes our YouTube channel.

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If you want to contact us about a guest post, just let us know what subject you want to write about, so we will know if it’s a good fit for our site. Thanks! Guest posting does not pay (we’re not big enough for that yet!), but you will get linkbacks to your social media accounts, and your own site.

We do not allow a guest post to review their own product/services, as we feel this would be biased.

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