Doctor Who Screening: The Ark in Space

A Fourth Doctor Adventure!

Doctor Who Screening: The Ark in Space

It’s time for the 4th incarnation of The Doctor (Tom Baker). He was my first Doctor, and I have fond memories from my childhood of watching his adventures on PBS.

Doctor Who-Ark In Space SE

This episode takes place not long after the 4th regeneration happens. The Doctor’s companions in this episode were Sarah Jane and Harry. They land on a malfunctioning space station, not their intended destination, thanks to Harry who likes to press buttons that he shouldn’t (I suspect he’s related to Fargo on Eureka). Even though the ark is low on oxygen the ever curious Doctor wants to take a look around.

Of course things don’t go smoothly, almost immediately something happens to Sarah, and she goes missing. The Doctor discovers the space station was purposely sabotaged, and they find what is left of the human race in cryogenic suspension.

This episode is a lot of silly fun, and a really good fourth Doctor story. But the best thing about this episode? Green bubble wrap bug aliens! It’s true. Just take my word for it.

If you want to check out ‘Doctor Who The Ark in Space’ you can find it streaming on Netflix (under Classic Doctor Who-Collection 7), and other services.


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