Doctor Who Screening: Doctor Who The Movie

The eighth incarnation of The Doctor!

Doctor Who Screening: Doctor Who The Movie

We headed downtown on Saturday to hang out with our fellow Doctor Who fans to watch the only 8th Doctor adventure available to see, The 1996 TV Movie. Presented to us by Who North America, in conjunction with the BBC.

In this movie we have the newly regenerated Doctor, played by Paul McGann, we also have The Master (Eric Roberts) and Dr. Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook) as the companion.


The Master has been tried on Skaro, found guilty of a “list of evil crimes”, and his death sentence has been carried out by the Daleks. Now the Doctor, in his 7th incarnation, is transporting The Master’s remains to Gallifrey.

Of course, it’s not that simple. The Doctor plays some opera, then sits back to relax with a cup of tea, and is reading H.G. Well’s The Time Machine. Suddenly the record starts to skip, the tea cup falls to the floor and shatters, and the container holding The Masters remains breaks open, allowing a sentient ooze to escape from it. The ooze makes it’s way into the TARDIS controls and forces a landing on Earth, Chinatown in San Francisco, CA.

A couple of Asian gangs are fighting, one kid is about to be shot, but the TARDIS lands right in front of him. The Doctor exits and is shot down by the rival gang. That’s not how he was killed though, that happened at the hospital. Because, of course, they didn’t understand they were operating on a Time Lord, and they assumed there was something wrong with their X-Ray machine.

The doctor operating on…umm…The Doctor…is the woman who ends up being his companion in this movie.

I’m not going into all the details of the movie, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might want to see it. Basically, it revolves around The Master taking over a human body, but he needs a Time Lord body to continue to survive, so he plans on taking The Doctor’s, and will end up destroying the world at the same time. Clearly, he needs to be stopped.

My Thoughts:

You rarely hear much about him, probably because he’s only been seen in this one thing, but I rather like McGann’s Doctor, and would have liked to see more of him (there are the audio books though). Doctor Who The Movie, while sometimes a bit cringe worthy, is actually pretty fun. It’s not as bad as you may have heard. So if you haven’t watched it yet, because you’re expecting the worst, then I say give it a chance. You might like it.

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