Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

Doctor Who, Star Trek, comics

When I was little these were my favorite shows, so I was thrilled when I saw they were doing a cross over in comic form. I just spent the other night catching up on them, when it suddenly occurred to me…How can the world of Star Trek and the world of Doctor Who combine? The Star Trek TV show has been referenced various times on Doctor Who, which means Picard, Kirk, Spock, the Borg, etc, can’t be real in the Doctor Who universe. Right?

It didn’t take me long to create a reason as to how Star Trek is a TV Show in Doctor Who world.

It’s simple. The Doctor met Gene Roddenberry, saw awesome potential in him, took him on some trips in the TARDIS, told him about (and possibly showed him) the Star Trek universe, and the show was born. Clearly Star Trek is based on a true story.

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