Dresden Files Fan Filming

Dresden Files Fan Filming

When we were at Gen Con Ken discovered the Pendragon Costumes booth (where he proceeded to spend a lot of money on Farscape gear), while there he started chatting with Matthew, who works for Pendragon. Turns out he’s a big Dresden Files fan, and is working on a pretty awesome project.

“Dresden Files Fan Filming is a team out of Denver, CO working in an unofficial capacity on scenes, and clips from The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The continuing tales of the wizard Harry Dresden.”

Here’s a “Dresden Moment” for your enjoyment…

Check out Dresden Files Fan Filming on Facebook & YouTube. Seriously, go check them out!

You know we love The Dresden Files books, and even the TV Show, so we’re looking forward to more of what Matthew and his crew are doing. We love the clips they’ve been putting out, and hope to see so much more. If they get enough interest, maybe a kickstarter will be next to help move this project along.

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