Eon Altar Tabletop Videogame at Gen Con 2013

Eon Altar Tabletop Videogame at Gen Con 2013

Try something a little different on gaming night! Eon Altar is a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of tabletop gaming, and video games, in a tabletop video game.

Gather four of your friends together to fight through dungeons so you can uncover ancient secrets, and compete for glory and wealth. You will be using personal handsets to control your characters actions, with a tablet to adventure through dungeons as a group.

Through action and combat challenges each player builds a legendary hero. Of course you can collect gear, and earn new abilities. You will be battling monsters, aas well as dealing with environmental dangers

It certainly seems interesting, and I would like to see more of it to decide if it’s something I’m really interested in long term, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Which is what I’m going during GenCon this weekend!


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