Fictional food that should be real

Fictional food that should be real

Have you ever read a book, played a game or watched a TV show or movie and wished a fictional food was real? I certainly have. Some fictional food groups and inventions seem so logical, that you almost forget they don’t exist in the real world. Or if they do, it’s because fans have got together and attempted to recreate it in their spare time. Some foods it would be awesome to have in reality are:

Tomacco – From The Simpsons


An invention by the creators of The Simpsons, the Tomacco only featured in one episode, and yet it’s as famous in my social group as Duff Beer which is mentioned throughout the seasons. The Tomacco was accidentally created by Homer when he put a plutonium rod in the ground near the tobacco and tomato plants in Springfield. Soon a tobacco company bought the product and, while the characters in the series did grow to hate it, it’s still an intriguing concept. Can I have a Tomacco without the nicotine?


Chewing Gum Meal – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


I’d rather we didn’t suffer the same fate as Violet Beauregarde and turn into a giant blueberry, but you have to admit, the concept of a Chewing Gum Meal is appealing. Just imagine: you don’t have to cook any more, three courses are served to you in one, the gum creates the sensation of the food running down your throat, and different flavours are put together in one wad of chewing gum. I wouldn’t want it every day, but if you’re passing the time in a boring lecture, seeking out poker advice on the Partypoker blog or stuck on the train, tasty and long-lasting chewing gum is ideal.

Lembas bread – From Lord of the Rings

Lembas Bread, also known as Way Bread and Elven Bread is a special food made by the elves in the Lord of the Rings series of books and films. Not only is it highly nutritious, unlike our own bread that goes stale very quickly, lembas can stay fresh for months when wrapped in mallorn laves. Handy for long journeys like the quest to destroy the Ring of Power. Sadly we’ll probably never be able to make it ourselves. The recipe is a closely guarded secret and it’s rare for non-elves to be trusted with it. Sigh.

Melange – Dune

Straight from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, Melange has had its fans intrigued for years. The spice is so powerful that a handful alone will allow those from that world to control the universe. Pedestrian folk would call it a drug rather than a spice, because those suffering from withdrawals can and will eventually die if they can’t find any more, you can’t deny it has its appeal. Not only is the span of your life increased, you also gain the ability to tap into extra-sensory perception. No wonder it’s so hard to harvest! I’d want to test it out at least once.


Butterbeer – Harry Potter

When I say Butterbeer, I’m not talking about the sickly-sweet cream soda they are masquerading as the beverage in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida and the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in England. Butterbeer, as described in the books by JK Rowling, is a warming drink, at least when served in tankards. So the commercial drink is nothing like it’s described in the books. That said, Butterbeer may be based historically on Buttered Beer which dates back to around 1588. Made from beer, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, cloves and butter, a recipe from Robert May’s 1664 recipe book, ‘The Accomplisht Cook’ even suggests liquorish root and aniseeds be added.

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