Gadget Review: USB LED Fan Clock

Keep cool and on time!

Gadget Review: USB LED Fan Clock

Vodcart sent us out an awesome little gadget to review, a USB LED fan clock.

I’ve used it a few times, switching between my laptop and PC, and it works great. It comes in handy when I’m sitting around working on blog posts, and especially when I’m lost in a game. I often complain about feeling warm, and this gives off a nice little breeze to keep me cool. It also helps me to keep track of time, because before this, I had no way of quickly seeing the time when I was gaming. No more moments of chaos that are caused by lost time.

It’s adjustable, so you can turn it where you need it, easily programmable with one button, and the fan blades are soft, so you won’t accidentally hurt yourself.

This USB LED Fan Clock really is a handy gadget, and I’m loving it. You should check it out, and it comes at the reasonable price of only $19.99.

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