Game Companion Short Film

Game Companion Short Film

Game Companion is a short film that was released in January, and has been shown at various conventions, so make sure to check it out if you get the chance!

This short film features Bob, a thirty-something year old slacker. He reaches master level in a fighting style video game, which allows him to choose a game companion. Bob is warned by an NPC to “choose wisely”, his friend tries to convince him to pick a tough looking male companion, but Bob decides he wants to have a hot female companion following him around.

Game Companion 1

Bob chooses a cute anime style school girl, and that is when things get real. Much to his surprise, Kimiko is magically transported into Bobs room, and she believes he is a great warrior. Her enthusiasm fades when she realizes he is nothing like what she originally imagined.

I was pleasantly surprised with Game Companion, and really enjoyed watching it. It was funny, and entertaining. It manages to poke some good fun at stereo-types, without being insulting. I would actually loved if there was more to it, possibly in web series form, but this short film works quite well, it’s really just a lot of silly fun. Find out if it’s playing at a festival or con near you, and make sure to check it out!

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