Game Night: Batman Fluxx

Game Night: Batman Fluxx

Looney Labs newest version of Fluxx features the Dark Knight, Batman!


Players: 2-6, Playtime: 5-30 minutes, Ages: 8+, MSRP: $20.00

You start off with 3 cards, then on your turn you draw one card, add it to your hand, and choose one card to put into play. Those are the base rules, which will eventually change.

Keeper cards will be placed in front of you, and will help you win the game. Creepers, which are also placed in front of you, may also help you win the game. It all depends on what the Goal card requires.

New Rule cards allow you to change up the rules. You can limit keepers, limit hands, change how many cards you can draw, and so may other ways to keep changing up the rules.

Goal cards will show you what Keepers, or Creepers, you need to win the game. But goal cards can be changed, depending on what players draw, and decide to put into play. So right when you think you may win, someone else might pull that chance right out from under you.

Action cards will allow you to do various actions, such as exchange keepers with other players, draw extra cards to use immediately, trade hands with another player, and more.

These are cards you will see the most in play, they help make the game exciting, and keep it in flux (now you see why they called it Fluxx!).


Fluxx is always a great game for anyone. It’s easy to learn for beginners, and a lot of fun to play. It’s never boring, and will keep you on your toes.

The Keeper cards feature our hero, his sidekicks, the batmobile, batcave, and more. All Creepers cards are villains, and unlike previous versions of Fluxx the Creepers do not attach to a keeper, you just put them down in front of you. And there is a catch, no one can win if any of the players has a Creeper on the table, unless the Goal requires a villain. I love that aspect, it made it a lot more interesting!

Fluxx is my go-to card game. Personally, up until now Star Fluxx was my favorite version (because of my love of sci-fi), now Batman Fluxx is right up there. I love Superheroes, and they added a few different elements to this version that make it refreshing and new.

Check out the recent issue of Game Trade Magazine for a bonus card, and a coin, for your Batman Fluxx card game!

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