Gaming Night: Loonacy Card Game

The maniacal matching card game

Gaming Night: Loonacy Card Game

Last week Looney Labs, the makers of Fluxx, released their new game, Loonacy, a maniacal matching card game!


Players start with a hand of seven cards, and, as fast as they can, without any turns, they rush to play their cards onto the open piles on the table. The more players, the fewer the piles, so competition is fierce!  The first player to empty their hand is the winner!  If the frantic rush of card playing comes to a halt because nobody can play, everyone draws a card to their hand, so you might find yourself on the brink of victory, only to be saddled with extra cards.

Players: 2-5
Playtime: 5-10 minutes
Ages: 8+
Loonacy contents
Our Thoughts:

When we first played it there were only two of us, which means we had 4 discard piles, so you might think it was easy to ditch the cards in our hands. Not always. Each card has only 2 images, and even with the 4 discard piles there were a few times we had to keep drawing cards in hopes to start discarding them again. At one point we ran out of cards to draw, and had to shuffle the discard piles. There were also plenty of times we were frantically slapping down cards, and watching our hands dwindle. Often times finding myself saying, “Wait! No! Stop!”, when Ken would beat me to a certain discard pile, messing up my well crafted winning plan in the process. (BTW, Ken won all three games we first played against each other)

It can get even more crazy fun in larger groups, where you have less discard piles! Our fellow gamers were having a blast trying to beat one another to the discard pile.

It’s a great game for when you have some downtime, for gaming night, or to bring along when you have to kill some time. For example, we’re bringing it with us to play as we wait in line for the Captain America double feature we’re going to.

Loonacy is fast paced, easy to learn, addictive, and a lot of fun to play!

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Disclaimer: We received this game for review, opinions are our own.

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