Gaming Night: Maha Yodha

Gaming Night: Maha Yodha

Maha Yodha is a two-player strategy card game set in the ancient and mystical world of Indian mythology. 


Maha Yodha is made up of two decks, each representing a Faction: Asuras vs. Adityas. Each Faction consists of a unique army of Warriors, Weapons and Scrolls.

Players begin the game with 20 life points. Each player has their own deck filled with warriors, weapons and scrolls. Warriors go out to do battle. Weapons can give warriors additional bonuses. Scrolls provide actions that add to the battle (attack, defense,etc).

Basic Gameplay:

Each player chooses a deck, and shuffles it. Player one draws 6 cards as their initial hand, and must play one card onto the field (or discard the extra card). Player two can attack on their first turn. When your deck is depleted,  the discard pile is shuffled and set face down as the new deck.

Each card has a Valor cost to bring out. On a given turn, the player has five valor to spend, so they can continue playing warriors, weapons, and scrolls as long as the Valor lasts. Typically, Warriors cost two to three valor while weapons cost one to two. Scrolls show the most variety costing from zero to five depending on how powerful the effect is.

Game ends once a player reaches 0 life.

Our Thoughts:

Maha Yodha is fun, easy to learn, and also challenging enough to keep your interest. It’s nicely paced, and engaging. I also love the Indian mythology theme, the artwork on the cards compliment it nicely. The theme certainly sets it apart from other two-player card games.

You can support Maha Yodha on kickstarter, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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