Gaming Night: The Agents

Disarmed. Disbanded. Dismissed

Gaming Night: The Agents

The Agents is a strategic, 2-5 player card game, of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.


THE AGENTS – A tactical, turn-based card game where players compete to connect chains of  agents, complete missions and emerge with the most victory points.

The unique mechanic of the game is that each card has a duality, so that you can play it in different directions. Playing the card with the agent facing towards you allows you to perform the agent’s specific command, but gives points in favor of the opponent. Or you can choose to take the points, but your opponent gets the benefit of the command. With 25 different agents, each with their own unique command, agents already placed can be rotated, flipped over, extracted and swapped, making the game ever flexible, variable, unpredictable and a test of forward planning and quick thinking.


  • 36 Agent Cards
  • 20 Mission Cards
  • 40 Point Cards

The first player to reach 50, or more, points is the winner. Intel Points serve a dual purpose; they’re your condition for winning the game, but they also serve as your currency, with which you can purchase agents or missions.

First up is the Action Phase. On their turn, each player can perform 2 actions. Players can select any combination of the following:

  1. Play an agent
  2. Reactivating a Command
  3. Buying Agents & Missions
  4. Trade in Missions & Agents

After the second action is the Missions Phase, where you can assign missions from your hand to your factions. There are other options you may consider as well.

Next is the Points Phase. At the end of your turn you collect IPs, how much you collect is determined in a couple of ways, completed data tokens, and fulfilled missions.

Our Thoughts:

We think The Agents is a fun, brilliantly designed game. We brought it to one of our weekly gaming nights, and it was a hit. It’s easy enough to learn for the casual gamer, and still enjoyable, and interesting for a hardcore gamer. I also love that it’s easily portable, and the artwork on the cards is pretty impressive, and goes along great with the theme of the game.

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Disclaimer: We received this game for review, opinions are our own.

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