Geek Bands: Sampler of Awesome

Geek Bands: Sampler of Awesome

You may have noticed that we love geeky music around here, so we were excited to hear about Geek Bands, which is a new project that includes Debs & Errol, and other great Canadian geek musicians! 

They sent me a sampler with music from; Nerds with Guitars, Debs & Errol, Copy Red Leader, Kari Maaren, The Blast Processors, Kraken Not Stirred, Press Start 2 Play, and Peter Chiykowski. There’s a variety of music on here, parody, rock, folk, blues, and core. Something for everyone!

Of course you don’t have to be Canadian to check out these nerdtastic musicians, but being geeky might help. The sampler only features some of the artists, so head over to their site to discover more awesome geekery!

We have a few codes to giveaway for the Geek Bands Sampler of Awesome, which includes the 8 songs I talk about below. Leave a comment, first 3 people will get a code to download the awesomeness! Update: All codes have been given away (I’m saving 2 codes to hand out at PopCon!)

Sympathy for the Daleks, by Nerds with Guitars

Nerd rock (acoustic), about Daleks, as well as Cylons, Borg, and Sith…They’re all just misunderstood. Really.

TIE After TIE, by Debs & Errol

I was already familiar with this song, which I love. It’s a catchy tune, and as you may have assumed from the title it’s a parody of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’.

Tatooine Blues, by Copy Red Leader

Bluesy tune, with some great singing. Great Star Wars themed song, I really enjoyed it!

Everybody Hates Elves, by Kari Maaren

Nerd folk music, perfect for this song about Elves! Who we know are better than everyone else. Cause…Elves.

We Ride (Hang On), by The Blast Processors

Nerd rock, reminds me of the 80s! I can picture this in some 80s movie, with this as the epic song that starts playing as our heroes head off into danger.

The Confunk, by Kraken Not Stirred

Nerd Core Music, perfect for this time of year, Con Season! Fun song to listen to, which does a great job of playing with a few different music types.

Portal To My Heart, by Press Start to Play

Nerd Rock, fun beat, a love song for Portal! Catchy tune, you’re sure to enjoy it, and will want to sing along!

Geeks In Love, by Peter Chiykowski

Nerd rock. If you’re a geek in love, this is the perfect song for you and your player 2!

I will be playing all these songs over and over again! So much fun to listen to, and all of them were quite catchy. Plus…GEEKERY! serves as a database of Canadian geek musicians, and helps you find more geeky music that you’ll love! It also contains resources that newer geek musicians might find helpful including a list of Canadian conventions, blogs, and grants.

Check out Debs & Errol’s TIE After TIE on YouTube…

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