Geek Fashion: Vampire Knight

Fashion look inspired by Vampire Knight!

Geek Fashion: Vampire Knight

This week in Geek Fashion we have Vampire Knight apparel and gear! I love the manga, and Hino Matsuri’s artwork, so I wanted to do a post inspired by Vampire Knight!

I wasn’t going for a cosplay look, just something I felt had the feeling of Vampire Knight. Does that make sense? There’s a really cool Yuki T-shirt from Hot Topic that I would pair with a cute plaid school girl skirt, black thigh high stockings, and some awesome, strappy, boots. I chose those items because Yuki wears thigh high stockings, and above the ankle boots with her school uniform.

vampire knight yuki tshirt             Vampire knight style plaid skirt        vampire knight style boots

Of course I will also need some accessories to go with everything, like a really cute Vampire Knight messenger bag featuring Zero, a rose icon wallet, a chibi Kaname keychain, and a really awesome Vampire Knight necklace.

Vampire Knight: Zero Bloody Rose Messenger Bag   Vampire Knight Figure Necklace Cosplay Cos KTWJ32


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