Geek Goal for June: Vlogging

Random acts of Vlogging!

Geek Goal for June: Vlogging

Because I was able to successfully complete my May Geek Goal, I thought I would step it up a notch for June. Crazy, I know.

This time I decided that my geek goal is to do some vlogging, about 3 days a week. They will be very quick, and hopefully painless. Part of the reason I decided to do these is because I would like to get more comfortable in front of a camera, I usually shy away from them, and stiffen up. So with that in mind, please forgive me for how bad they will be…Hopefully I will get better, and more relaxed.

I have no idea what I will be chatting about, and since I’m not used to doing stuff like this it will be an interesting learning experience. Hopefully it will also help to get the creative juices flowing, and such. Or something like that. More than likely I will just make a fool out of myself, and that’s fine.

They will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, and we’ll be tweeting them out with the hashtag #GeekVlog. Please feel free to join in and do random vlogs of your own. What cool things did you just get? Is there a new geek ‘toy’ you’re excited about? If you have a geek vlog you would like to share, leave a comment with a link to your channel.

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