Geek Home Decor: Movie Lovers

Geek Home Decor: Movie Lovers

We would love to have a theater room, unfortunately that’s not a thing that will be happening soon, but we can at least decorate the other rooms in the house with a ‘movie theme’. So this month’s geek home decor is focusing on all the awesome stuff that movie lovers can fill their house with. 


Popcorn is one of the snacks of choice to go along with movie night, obviously. And a Retro Popcorn Machine would be perfect for making your own! Will need to pick up some Popcorn Bowls, or plastic popcorn containers to put that popcorn in.

Living Room:

Directors Chair would be a great accent piece, and I would want some movie themed throw pillows for the couch. Then add a Tripod Table as a nice accent table near the sofa.

directors chair
One of the things we have already started to do, in various rooms, is hanging movie posters. So if you have decent wall space in your Living room you could hang a few movie posters along it (or just hang them anywhere convenient). There are so many I would love to get, what posters would you get? Some of my favorites are Star Wars, Back to the Future, and The Lord Of The Rings.

sw poster    bttf poster      lotr poster

Other Decorations:

I found a lot of other items that I thought would be great, but didn’t have anywhere in particular I could think to put them.

There’s a desk lamp that looks like a movie studio light, some neat looking wall art, and maybe some sort of movie theatre sign would also be nice.

movie wall art



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