Geek Music: Songs in the Key of Minecraft

Geek Music: Songs in the Key of Minecraft

We know you love music as much as we do, and you know we love it even more when it’s made geeky. If you’re a fellow Minecraft addict, then you might be interesting in checking out Mr. Gee.

“Mr. Gee has recorded an album of songs inspired by Minecraft. Music inspired by equal parts Jack Black and Flight of the Conchords.”

The music sounds like a lot of fun, and possibly just as addicting as the game itself. Right now Mr. Gee has a kickstarter going for his fourteen song album, Songs in the Key of Minecraft. A $10 pledge gets you the full album as a digital download, before the CD release. $25 gets you the physical CD, and the digital download, and of course there are other options…

To learn more, and help support a creator of awesome sounds for your ears (with a geek twist). Check out Mr. Gee’s kickstarter, Songs in the Key of Minecraft!

Minecraft Album Cover

Love the CD cover art!

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