Geek Tales: The Trade

Books or dolls? Books. Definitely.

Geek Tales: The Trade

The Book Geek, Part 2

A tale from my childhood, and one of my many (failed) attempts to find more books to read, and my family never understanding my love of books. Check out Part 1 of The Book Geek (unrelated, but from my childhood & about books).

First you need to know a little background about young me, and dolls. My mom always bought them for me, even though I didn’t want any. All I ever wanted were books. My mom’s excuse was, “As a little girl I always wanted dolls, but I never had any. You’ll appreciate this someday.” By her logic, she was doing right by me. In reality she just ignored everything I said, and was trying to live vicariously through me, which is actually pretty selfish.

book geek

One day my friend who lived across the street came to my house for the first time. She was amazed by all the dolls I had, and she liked one in particular and kept playing with it. She realized I had no  interest in dolls, and asked what I liked to do. So I told her about my love of books. She suddenly said, “Wait here! I’ll be right back!”, then took off. When she came back she had this large book, filled with of all kinds of stories. She wanted to trade me the book for the doll. Sounded like a deal to me.

Later that day I was walking around the house with my nose stuck in the book, my mom noticed it. She knew it didn’t look familiar, probably because they weren’t in the habit of buying me books very often. She asked me where the book came from, I was honest and told her about the trade. She was not happy about that, and couldn’t understand why I would do such a thing.

Next thing I know my friend, and her mom, were at our house so we could trade the stuff back. The one thing that stands out in my head, as my friend was there holding the doll, was when my mom asked me, “Is that the doll you gave her?” I honestly had no clue, I never paid attention to my dolls. In the end we traded back, and I was a very sad little girl. I really, REALLY wanted that book. In my world books ruled above all else.

To this day I can’t remember the dolls I had as a kid, but I do remember the few books that I owned, figures, and comics. Oh, and the seriously creepy clown my mom used to keep up on a high cabinet. You have no idea how difficult it was to get to sleep at night with that thing waiting to kill me once I dozed off.

clowns sticker

This sticker is on my computer. I really don’t like clowns.

Moral of the story: Listen to your kids, and don’t try to live through them. They are their own person, even when they’re little. Respect that. Also…Buy them books, or at least take them to the library. I mean, BOOKS! That should be encouraged.

Do you have any similar tales from your childhood, or maybe even adulthood? I was always quite the misunderstood geek. Still am.

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