Geek Toy of the Week 2: This should be obvious…

With Wednesday’s announcement, this week’s Geek Toy is pretty obvious. Though I have to say, while I would love to have one of these, it’s not worth the money to me in the slightest. The iPad really is a toy, more than anything. It’s a content consumption device at it’s core, and for someone like me who is quite technically savvy, it’s just not worth it. I would love to have one just to play around with, but I don’t see myself using it everyday or anything.

That said, if anyone has an extra I’ll be glad to take it off your hands 😛

So, some highlights:

-Front and rear cameras, and the video call support that implies
-Black and white (and AT&T and Verizon) variants available at launch
-Dual-core A5 CPU
-Thinner and lighter than original iPad, same battery life
-iOS 4.3
-Portable versions of the Apple video, photo, and music editing programs
-HDMI out (with Apple’s proprietary adapter, of course)
-Cheaper than the Xoom, its only real competitor at the moment

And here’s Engadget’s reveal.

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