Geeky Easter Baskets and Gifts

Fill your geek easter baskets with Superheroes, Angry Birds, and Star Wars!

Geeky Easter Baskets and Gifts

Celebrating Easter? It will be here soon! Don’t do it the boring, usual way, make it better with geekery! Here are a few ideas to fill a Geek Easter Basket

Geek Easter Candy:

What would a Geek Easter basket be without a chocolate bunny and marshmallow peeps? But regular ones are a  bit boring and over done, you can order this Chocolate Zombie Bunny and some Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps instead! Another treat that would go great in there are some cotton candy flavored Zombie Bunny Lollipops.

Geeky Easter Chocolate Zombie Bunny                                         Geeky Easter Marshmallow Creeps

Geek Easter Gifts:

Regular stuffed bunnies are overrated, change it up with the Spring Bunny Domo Plush, or maybe even some Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers. Those would make a great addition to a geek Easter basket!

Easter Domo Monty Python Killer Bunny Slippers for a geek easter

Superhero Theme:

Check out stores in your area to see if they have any of the goodies that I found recently. There were Superhero items, like Marvel Superhero Plastic Eggs filled with candy, and Spiderman baskets. Other goodies to add to the geeky Easter basket: Batmobile Lego bag set, Superhero stickers and comic books. How about a Batman Treat Pail, or a Superman Treat Pail to hold all the goodies?

Marvel Superhero Easter Eggs                             Spiderman Easter basket

Angry Birds Theme:

Decorate your eggs Angry Birds style with a decorating kit, and pick up a large Angry Birds Egg filled with candy and stickers, or smaller Angry Birds Easter Eggs filled with candy. There’s all kinds of other things you can add to the basket too, Angry Birds card game, collectible Angry Birds figures, and plushies.

Angry Birds Easter egg decorating kit                            Angry Birds Easter Egg

Star Wars Theme:

As I was out shopping the coolest finds for me were all the Star Wars items; a Chocolate Bunny Stormtrooper, bunny eared Darth Vader plush with jelly beans, plastic Star Wars Eggs filled with stickers, candy ring & candy stars. I also found a bag of colorful Vader Head Eggs that were filled with chewy lemon heads (pictured in featured image at top of the page). You could get a Star Wars The Clone Wars Treat Pail to hold all the goodies.

Star Wars Easter Basket Supplies

Vader should have jelly beans attached to his arm, but they’re kinda not there.

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