Geeky Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2013

Geeky Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2013

We’ve already written up our Holiday Geek Gift Guide, now it’s time to think about fun things to put inside of the stockings!

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m a huge fan of stockings, and I love to find fun items to put inside of them.

You can find these, and other geek stocking stuffer ideas, in our Amazon store!

Loki Helm keychainKeychains:

Keychains are great as a stocking stuffer. They’re small, and you can find some really neat, geeky ones out there.

Superheroes: Thor’s Hammer, Loki’s Helmet, Iron Man Helmet, Superman Logo
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Serenity/Firefly, Star Trek Enterprise D, Game of Thrones
Gaming: World of Warcraft Horde symbol, Minecraft Pickaxe
LEGO keyrings: Batman, Boba FettTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Loki


Trading cards are always a great stocking stuffer, you just have to find what your geek is into, There’s PokemonWorld Of Warcraft, and Magic the Gathering, to name a few.

jelly babiesCandy:

You could just pick up any kind of candy (I personally love to get Hershy Kisses in my stocking), but you can also add something a bit different, and geeky.

Jelly Babies for the Doctor Who fan, Energy Gummi Bears and Bawls Mints for the caffeine junkie, Gamers might like some Monopoly GummiesSuper Mario Gummies, or a PacMan Candy Arcade Tin.


I probably have more bookmarks than I need, but sometimes I can’t help myself when I see something I like.

There are bookmarks for pretty much every fandom; The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Thor (Loki)Doctor Who, and so on.

Doctor Who mystery figureMystery Figures:

These are always fun to get, I love them. Some of my favorites include Doctor Who Vinyl Figure, Legend of Zelda, and of course there’s also My Little Pony.


We love soundtracks, and they make great stocking sufferers. There were so many great movies released this year, which have some amazing soundtracks to go along with them.

smaug soundtrack

If you need some gift ideas for your geek, you can check out our gift idea post, or visit our Holiday Amazon Store.

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