Geeky Valentines Day Gifts & Ideas

Geeky Valentines Day Gifts & Ideas

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day try making it more personal, and fun. Make it geektastic! These ideas are also good if you’re looking to do Valentines Day on a budget.

Update: View our new, 2014 Gift Guide.

How to Have a Geeky Valentine’s Day:

If you’re creative, make your own card! You can find some ideas online, or find something that you can just print up. You might be able to find a geeky type card at your local Hallmark store. Or you could have some fun with it and get a package of the ones the kids buy for school, they are sure to have something geeky.

Geeky Marvel Comics Valentines

I personally would not mind getting one of these for Valentines day. Warning: Something like this won’t work for someone who is high maintenance…people like that suck.

Instead of expensive, short lived flowers, give your Player 2 an 8-Bit Rose, or 8-Bit Flower Bouquet. Also, forget that heart shaped box of chocolates, give a Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate instead. I mean, what better way is there to say,  “I Love You.”, “I know.”? I have seen some pretty cool box of chocolates in the stores though, and not just the typical ones.

Geeky Valentines Chocolates

If you’re going with a heart shaped box of chocolates, these would be pretty cool. I’m loving the Spiderman one. (I found these at Walmart)

Have diner at home, prepare as much of it as you can the night before. If you’re not much of a cook (or just don’t want to cook) then hit up the store and get something like a rotisserie chicken, a side from the deli and some fruit and veggie platters from the produce area. Make sure to grab your favorite dessert too. As you have dinner you can enjoy a movie together, The Princess Bride would be a good one. That movie has it all; “…fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…”

Geeky Valentines - As you wish.

As you wish.

Other Ideas:

If you feel like going out then hit up your favorite geeky spots and turn it into a date. Head over to the comic book store, maybe hang out at the bookstore, stop at a cafe for a pastry and a latte, go to your favorite candy and soda specialty store (like Rocket Fizz) and get some treats, take a trip to the museum, pull out the telescope and gaze up at the night sky. Maybe you can even catch a movie, try checking out what the small, older release, theaters have showing.

Do some googling for your area to see if there are some interesting places you may be missing out on. I found this article about Geek Bars and Restaurants, maybe there’s something similar to them in your neck of the woods?

Visit some websites to find out what events are happening around town. Maybe you will luck out and find a really cool, geeky thing to do, or awesome place to eat, where it will hopefully be less populated than the average places to visit on Valentines Day.

More Gift Ideas:

For the math nerd there’s the Plotting for Your Heart Babydoll tee.

Does your gamer need a new mug? Get them a Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug.

Maybe she likes jewelry, you can get her a heart necklace, but it’s not just any heart, it’s an Anatomical Heart!

For an interesting chocolate treat, give your Valentine some Super Caffeinated Chocolate Marshmallows.

Check Etsy for some ideas, I found a Valentine greeting card, a Glow Heart with Japanese writing on it, and a perler 8bit heart with wings necklace.

You could also put together a gift basket, or bag (I’ve seen some awesome Superhero Shopper Totes that would make great gift bags). Pick up their favorite chocolates, or other candy, unique or imported sodas (usually found at specialty shops, or International grocery stores) and include them with some geeky gift you know they will love.

Have a Geeky Valentines Day!

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