GenCon Cosplay Plans

GenCon Cosplay Plans

We’ll be attending GenCon this August and, if we can afford it, plan on dressing up as a couple of our favorite characters from Doctor Who. Ken will be the 10th Doctor, and I will be Sarah Jane Smith!

Ken’s costume will be the most expensive, seeing as he needs to buy the jacket, he also needs a suit, and some chucks. He decided to go with the blue suit, but in trying to keep costs down he’s not getting a replica, instead just opting for a blue pinstripe suit. But that’s OK, because he will have THE jacket, which is key. Going with the blue suit means he needs to pick up some maroon chucks, and a matching tie. He already owns a sonic screwdriver. We’re estimating total cost for his costume to be around $650.

My Sarah Jane will be from SJA, where they gave her an identifying “look” of her own. You know; blouse, vest, jeans, and boots. You would think that since these are basic wardrobe items that I’d have most of it already, but I don’t. Not even the jeans, my jeans are all wide cut, and won’t fit right inside a pair of boots. My search for items was actually pretty grueling because I was trying to find things as close as possible to what she wears. I finally settled on white a button up top, with a V-neck, it’s a toss up between a brown vest, or a dark blue vest, and I’ll have boots with buckles on the side. I just hope none of those items disappear before I’ve had a chance to buy them. I’m also going to see about making myself some sonic lipstick. Estimated total cost for my outfit should be around $100.

Do you have some GenCon cosplay plans of your own? Who are you dressing as?

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