Gifts for Tabletop Gamers and Book Lovers

Gifts for Tabletop Gamers and Book Lovers

The Holidays are here, and you might be looking for some gift ideas. Well, I happen to have a few for you!

TableTop Games:

Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas – Great for Munchkin game fans, and movie lovers. And of course the Nightmare Before Christmas theme is great for the Holiday season!

Holiday Fluxx – Seasonal themed version of Fluxx. Fun and easy to learn, great game to play with your friends and family this Holiday season.

Exploding Kittens – A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats. There is also a NSFW Edition!

munchkin nightmare    HolidayFluxx_contents


Ready Player One – This is a must read book for any video gamer!

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy – A great collection of books for any Star Wars fan. It even comes with a poster!

Robin Hood Demon’s Bane – A new take on the classic tale of Robin Hood.

william-shakespeares-star-wars   ready player one

Gift Set Ideas:

How about making a thoughtful gift set for your favorite gamer or book lover?

Book Lover: Find an new book, or a classic, a tote bag, and a Bookmark. Maybe include a Mug, and some tea and, or coffee. I know that I love to sip on a warm drink when I get lost in a book!

Tabletop Gamer: Put together a gift set devoted to game night! Maybe include a Card Game, a Dice Game, and some snacks (popcorn, chocolates, and energy drinks)!