Healthy Snacks for Gaming

I'm tired of all the sugary, bad for me, goodness.

Healthy Snacks for Gaming

Like a lot of gamers I’ve gotten into a habit of eating the worst things when I spend the night gaming, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who really needs, or wants, to change that habit. So I’ve decided to write up a post about healthy, and easy, snacking for those long gaming nights. Not just for myself, but for others who might be looking for a change as well.

Sandwiches: Easy to prepare ahead of time. Get some whole wheat sub rolls, or wraps, lunch meat of your choice, maybe some reduced fat cheese, and some lettuce. If you want tomatoes, or condiments I suggest leaving those to put on when you’re ready to eat. Have some carrots on the side, instead of potato chips.

Pizza: Sometimes you just gotta have pizza. For a healthy alternative make your own. Buy thin whole wheat crust, top with some marinara sauce, reduced fat cheese, chicken, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Munchies: Get precut, or cut your own celery into ‘finger foods’, put a little bit of peanut butter on them, or you could get veggies of your choice, and some dressing to use as a dipping sauce. Make a fruit salad, or buy a fruit platter. Get some natural nuts, maybe buy (or make) some trail mix. All this stuff can be prepared in advance.

Caffeine: Coffee and black teas, I sweeten the tea with some pure honey. Or you can go ahead and give yourself a “cheat item” and have some soda, and/or energy drinks.

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