Hearthstone Additional Features Ideas

Thoughts on what could / should be in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Additional Features Ideas

This post is just my thoughts and ideas of things that could be added to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Nothing here’s been actually announced, I just thought it would be fun to think about systems / features that could be added to this already great game.

DoTs & HoTs

How interesting would it be to have a Damage over Time mechanic in a card game? Of course, this would be damage over turns, but you get what I mean. For example, you could have a 4 Mana cost spell, that causes 8 damage, but does that 8 damage over 4 turns.

Similarly, Healing over TIme could come into play. Instead of 8 damage over 4 turns, that spell heals your hero for 8 over 4 turns.

Having these ‘over time’ mechanics come from WoW to Hearthstone could really add another layer to the onion of depth this game already has. I can just imagine a new warlock build based around ‘More DOTS!!’

Additional Classes

Arthas Menethil, Death Knight class

Do, freaking, want.

There’s two classes that exist in WoW that are currently missing from Hearthstone, Death Knight and Monk. I have no doubt that both of these will be added down the line, as the game is expanded.

While there’s no news on what either of these classes would look like, FonteTavina over on the Hearthpwn forums posted his idea of a Death Knight class. It looks really awesome, though of course it’s probably not balanced at all. It will be really interesting to see what we do eventually get for these classes.


I’m not a MtG player at all, but I’ve heard there’s a flying mechanic there, where minions could bypass things like taunt? I may have this wrong, but I think that could be a cool thing to have in Hearthstone. There already are some cards that can bypass a taunt, spells like Pyroblast for instance. Having a minion that could do the same would be an interesting dynamic I think.

Final Thoughts

So those are my thoughts about things that could someday be added to Hearthstone. What do you think? What mechanics or features would you add to the game if given the chance?

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