Hoarding…In World of Warcraft

Is there a WoW version of the show "Hoarders"?

Hoarding…In World of Warcraft

Hoarding is a serious condition, thankfully I don’t have this problem in real life, but it’s pretty bad in one of my virtual lives.

I’m addicted to collecting stuff in WoW; Tabards, holiday items, trinkets that have nifty, fun (if not rather pointless) uses, items that turn my toon into things, rep items, books, items that let me turn other players into stuff, transmog armor, crafting stuff, ‘outfits’ I put together so my toon has Hallow’s End costumes (witch, pirate, etc). You get the idea. I clearly have a serious problem, one I have no intention of fixing. Just waiting for Blizzard to make it easier for me by creating a Tabard closet so I don’t have them taking up bank space anymore.

Full bank, also have void storage and items stored on bank alt, and other alts.

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