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StumbleUpon and Gender Stereotyping

StumbleUpon and Gender Stereotyping

As I was creating a StumbleUpon account for ‘Awkward Geeks’ use I saw this, which is basically a standard question on most sites, and one I never give much thought to:

Since there were only those two options (some sites have a ‘rather not say’ option), and because I happen to be female, that’s what I clicked. I hesitated when I read the words, “This helps us find the best content for you”. I briefly wondered if I should chose ‘Male’ instead, even though I wanted to believe that they would not have a system that makes suggestions about what my interests are based on knowing nothing more than my gender. Because that would be silly.

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Nerd Rant: Twitter Unfollowers

Nerd Rant: Twitter Unfollowers

One of the things we find rude on twitter are the people who follow just to get get more followers. You know, the ones who stop following once you follow them back. We like to keep an eye on that stuff (there’s plenty of sites out there to help with that, like FriendOrFollow). These people…

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Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

We hope everyone is having a great Holiday season! We’ll be spending some time downtown, checking out the lights, playing some ingress, and hoping the huge, scary nutcrackers they have around downtown come to life and try to kill people. Because, you know, The Doctor will come and save us all!

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Netflix cancels Qwikster (Flixster is likely happy)

Just noticed over at Engadget that Netflix has reversed it’s decision to seperate out it’s DVD rental service into the company Qwikster. Qwikster is dead.

When Qwikster was first announced, I actually thought it was kind of a good idea. The new company looked like it was basically set up to take the declining DVD rentals, tuck them into the corner where they could slowly die, and let Netflix proper focus solely on building it’s streaming service. DVD’s are gonna go away anyways eventually, cut that bit out now and put your energy into the part that will grow and make more money.

Sounds great from a business perspective. Not so great from the user perspective however. My thoughts and such after the break.

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