Japanese Treats: Subscription Snack Box

Japanese Treats: Subscription Snack Box

JapaneseTreats.com is a monthly subscription box that will select, and package, up to 15 mystery snacks from Japan, and send it straight to your door each month!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the selection, and variety they sent was nicely varied. Candy, chips, cookies, and even a healthy looking cookie type of snack. I was also surprised by how much they fit inside of the box.

Their monthly subscription is only $22 a month, and they ship worldwide for free. You get a lot of interesting, and tasty treats, at a great price!


A breakdown of what was inside the October box:

Pie No Miya – a sweet apple flavored pie snack.

Koala no Machi – this was a sweet potato flavored snack!

Scone – barbecue flavored corn based snack. Kind of reminded me of cheetos.

Country Ma’am Fiber Fruits – cranberry & raisin flavored soft cookie snack.

Hello Kitty Pocky – strawberry flavored pocky, celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th!

Choco Ball – chocolate balls, with a slight lemon flavor. They had a really neat crackle & fizz sensation when eating them!

Lucky Corn – sweet & salty corn based snack.

Umaibo – this is a popular corn based snack in Japan, this one was salami flavored.

Black Thunder Peanuts – small candy bar, crunchy & chewy!

Oreo Mont Blanc – this soft oreo cookie is based on an Italian flavor

Doraemon Gum – little gum balls, with a package feature a favorite anime character!

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