Caffeine Fix: King Dog Energy Mints Review

Intensely caffeinated

Caffeine Fix: King Dog Energy Mints Review

Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints come in a red tin, with yellow print, and an illustrated bulldog on it. They stood out, which is why I noticed them in the first place, but when I saw the words “Energy Mints” I was sold.

I’m always looking for caffeinated items, other than soda and coffee. Caffeinated mints are hard to come by, usually I can only seem to find them online. So I was quiet surprised to find these mints just sitting around at Dollar Tree.

The back of the tin says that 5 mints is equal to 1 cup of coffee (100 mg caffeine). I tried these on a day I was grocery shopping, when I had zero energy. I chomped on 3 of them (1 at a time), they were a bit softer that most mints, were kind of chalky, and tasted like peppermint. I liked them. The three mints seemed to do the trick. I was able to make it though my shopping trip, then still had enough energy when I got home to prepare and cook dinner. Usually I’m completely drained by that point. Next time I tried them was gaming night, I probably had a total of 5, and they kept me going with a nice little burst of energy.

King Dog Energy Mints

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