Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix Reveiw

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix Reveiw

For being my most favorite game on my PS2, playing on the PS3 was just memory lane for me, and I put off reviewing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix for too long.

Anyway I really loved playing my Kingdom Hearts all over again which I got really happy about what with Final Mix, and I thought I’d do this now since I’ve been taking my time on it. And CoM is not gonna be easy to me to finish since its a card based like game and the PS2 version I’m still stuck on and GBASP. I suggest starting with the originals to see/understand the difference. To kinda sum up the game a bit its from Square Enix, and in the game you play as Sora (and Riku if you finish CoM) and you go to different worlds which are Disney words and in some worlds (not Disney based) have Final Fantasy characters in them and you fight the Heartless to save the worlds.

If I had a rating I’d say 5/5 since I love the game and  I’m a  hardcore fan, even though I’m still missing DDD ( Dream Drop Distance ) but putting that aside its still an amazing game for me and I do suggest it if you need something new to play or a Disney and/or Final Fantasy fan and I seriously can not wait for 2.5 to come out since KHII and BBS ( birth by sleep ) both are Final Mix which has me completely exited though I have to wait till Dec 31? or so this year, that’s what it says on Amazon anyway.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix Contains

Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD remastered cinematics)

There are three level settings to pick when starting a game; Beginner (you pretty much kick the enemies butt since you get extra things in it), Normal, and Hard.

KHFM Heartless : I didn’t run into all of them maybe about three, but here is some info, and the ones I ran into are GIgas Shadow which gave me a heart attack. Black Ballade which got me confused at first, and Sniperwild which just creep me out.

Gigas Shadow – Wonderland – Mysterious Room

” The Gigant Shadow is a giant Shadow, but there’s a bit more strategy involved in defeating them. An entire swarm appears at one time, and you have to take out as many as you can before they disappear. Meanwhile, the Gigant Shadows are attacking Sora, Donald, and Goofy. If one of them successfully lands a hit on Sora, it will disappear. After they are all gone, the last one defeated will drop Items and Prizes. The more Gigant Shadows you were able to defeat, the better your rewards will be. ”

Black Ballade Deep Jungle – Bamboo-fenced area

” The Black Ballade is a tricky new Heartless that can create clones of itself. The trick is to follow the clone that moves first and hit it when it gets back into line after they all scramble. If you successfully attack the correct clone and deplete all its HP, the Black Ballade will reward you with Items and Prizes. If you accidentally attack the wrong one, you’re in for a shocking surprise! ”

Pink Agaricus – Deep Jungle – The Treetop House
Atlantica – The Undersea Cave

“The Pink Agaricus is a new type of mushroom Heartless, though it is more tricky to defeat than most of them. To tell if a Pink Agaricus is in the room, look for three White Mushroom Heartless all doing the Stop motion scattered throughout the room. Each White Mushroom will disappear after using Stop Magic once, leaving a plentiful bounty of MP Orbs behind. When the third White Mushroom disappears, the Pink Agaricus will arrive. The trick is cast Stop Magic on the Pink Agaricus and then deal as many hits as you can before the Stop Magic wears off. Aeroga and Ragnarok are helpful resources to have at your disposal during this endeavor. ”

Pot Scorpion – Agrabah – In front of the Palace

” The Pot Scorpion spews venomous poison from its pot that litters the ground around it. Its body is impervious to all types of damage, making it impossible to destroy by simply attacking. Its belly, on the other hand, is its one true week spot. You’ll need to deflect one of its attacks by Guarding or attacking at the precise moment to flip it over onto its back, exposing the belly for an all-out offensive. ”

Grand Ghost – Monstro – Belly (where you fought the Parasite Cage)

” The Grand Ghost is a very powerful, but very easily-defeated new Heartless. All you have to do to destroy it is use Items such as Potions and Hi-Potions on it. The more HP the Item restores, the quicker the Grand Ghost’s HP will be depleted. ”

Sniper Wild – Traverse Town – Second District

” Sniper Wilds are extremely annoying new Heartless that like to pelt Sora and friends with barrage after barrage of stones from a distance. The trick is to defeat them without letting them see you. As soon as one of them spots you, it will call more to join the fight. Before you know it, you’ll be completely overrun and left with no choice but to retreat. ”

Chimaera – Halloween Town – The ruins of Oogie Boogie’s Lair

” The Chimera is a new Heartless with a lot of HP to take out and an even more annoying tendency of summoning Gargoyle Heartless to its side during the fight. One you deplete its initial HP bar, it will release several rainbow-colored orbs that will bounce around. This is when its true HP is revealed, and boy is there a lot of it! You can attack these colorful orbs to knock them back at the Chimera to deal pretty decent damage and earn Tech Points. Be aware that knocking all of the orbs back at the Chimera will cause its true HP meter to disappear and bring back the initial smaller meter. ”

Jet Balloon & Missile Diver – Neverland – Pirate Ship Deck

” The Jet Balloon is a new floating Heartless that fires smaller Heartless called Missile Divers relentlessly at Sora from a distance, making it very difficult to actually get anywhere near it and deal damage. The Missile Divers are capable of draining Sora’s HP bar very quickly if too many of them make contact. The Jet Balloon is the true target during the fight though. Once you defeat it, the Missile Divers will disappear as well. ”

” Missile Divers only appear alongside Jet Balloons, and are fired off in rapid succession at Sora during an encounter. Though the individual Missile Divers cannot be attacked, defeating the Jet Balloon will stop the assault. ”

Stealth Soldier – Hollow Bastion – Entrance Hall

”  Stealth Soldiers are a very dangerous enemy and are not to be underestimated. They can turn invisible and dash across a room, dealing severe damage to anything caught in their path. They can be hard to find in a room, especially if there are other Heartless causing a ruckus. The Stealth Soldier can easily be lost in a large group, and that’s when it is it’s most deadly! ”

Neo Shadow – End of the World – The room before the Final Rest

” Neoshadows are simply more powerful Shadows with a lot more HP and a lot more ferocity! They swarm Sora, Donald, and Goofy in massive waves, making it difficult to even see what’s going on, let alone fight back. Their attacks are strong and their movements are quick. Be sure to be constantly moving around during your encounter with them, as they certainly will be! ”

Recolored Heartless

In addition to the 11 new Heartless added to Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Square-Enix also took the liberty to recolor several of the existing Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. These changes to their original appearance simply gave players something new to look forward to as they played through the game.

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