Snack Review: Lay’s Limited Edition Flavors

"Do us a flavor"

Snack Review: Lay’s Limited Edition Flavors

Last week Lay’s announced the winning flavor, and we recently had a chance to try them all, so I wanted to post our Lay’s limited edition flavors snack review.

Chicken & Waffles Chips

Somehow these chips were not as bad as I had imagined they were going to be. That doesn’t mean I liked them, but I guess I can see how others might. Ken and Amanda absolutely hated them. They were definitely original. First bite seemed like all I could taste was syrup, then all of a sudden the ‘fried’ chicken taste kicked in, it was weird, and didn’t seem right together. I didn’t think they were horrible, but I would never buy them again. I do love trying odd flavors of things, so this was right up my alley in that way.

Chicken & Waffles

Sriracha Chips

I love the sauce, and these chips were actually disappointing in comparison. They just were not what I had hoped, and they were not original in flavor. They were slightly spicy, but they pretty much just tasted like some sort of BBQ chip. That said, I actually do like them. Ken and Amanda didn’t like these ones, probably because they don’t like anything spicy.

Lay's Sriracha Chips

Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips

I had expected them to be disappointing, and just taste like any other cheesy chip, but they definitely reminded me of cheesy garlic bread. Not only were they good, but they were also orginal in flavor (out of these 3 choices). So that’s a win, win. These were also the only ones that Ken and Amanda liked.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

It looks like our choice agrees with the majority of voters, because the Cheesy Garlic Bread is the winning flavor! I wouldn’t have minded if the sriracha won, because I did enjoy them, but I would have been disappointed in losing chips that were more original in their flavor. Well, I wouldn’t have missed the chicken & waffles, even though the flavor is original.

I’m still seeing these around in a few stores, so try them before they disappear. If you’re having trouble finding them I suggest checking out local stores, or places like Family Dollar.

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