Man of Steel Review (spoiler free)

Not the Superman you're used to.

Man of Steel Review (spoiler free)

We’re a week late on this because we were unable to see it during opening weekend, but we did catch it this past weekend, and wanted to do our Man of Steel review.

When they first released the teaser trailers for this movie we weren’t sure about it, mainly because it looked like it was a movie for The Discovery Channel show, “The Deadliest Catch”, so we were a bit confused. But as they released more trailers we started to think it looked pretty awesome.

The movie opens on Krypton, with the birth of Kal-El, and the soon to be destruction of the planet. There’s quiet a bit that takes place here, and we get to see a lot of this world. And of course we’re introduced to Zod, our villain. In present time we see adult Clark, working on a fishing boat, and being heroic. We also get some glimpses into young Clark’s life, like his struggle when he starts gaining his powers. A couple of changes have been made to the story we’re familiar with, things that we feel make it better. Jonathan Kent’s death is played out differently, and so is the way that Lois Lane meets Clark/Kal-El.

Man of SteelVisually the movie is stunning. Zack Snyder is a director known for his intense visual style and oh boy, he delivers the goods here. But the great thing is, there is really good story here, not just visual flair. Man of Steel is one of those movies that for us, delivers well on the quality of the story, the characters, and FX that you expect from your summer blockbuster.

To sum up:

Man of Steel is not like any Superman movie you have ever seen before. It’s dark, but does have some light moments. It’s action packed, but also has a story, and interesting characters. The movie comes across as more science fiction than Superhero, which we felt fit this story perfectly. One of our favorite things about the movie was that it fleshed out Krypton; we get to see the land, water, buildings, space ships, creatures, just so many things we’ve never really seen in the other movies.

It had a good story, was well acted and directed, plus it was visually stunning. Man of Steel was better than we expected. Great movie, go see it!

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